Getting up for an early morning workout before work can be challenging, especially when mornings are brisk. However, for some athletes, these early hours provide an excellent opportunity to maintain a consistent training schedule and avoid missing sessions. Fortunately, there are effective and straightforward tips that can make waking up early more manageable year-round.

It's essential to note that while some of these tips might offer immediate help, adopting them as habits requires a commitment to changing your routine. Use these strategies to establish new habits that will make waking up early a less strenuous task, leaving you feeling more refreshed and motivated for your morning workouts!

Reduce Afternoon Caffeine Intake:

Coffee, the world's most popular stimulant, can disrupt your sleep if consumed up to six hours before bedtime. To ensure a good night's sleep, be mindful of the timing of your afternoon coffee.

Avoid Evening Alcohol:

While alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, it diminishes the quality of your sleep by disrupting REM sleep, which is essential for mental rejuvenation.

Put the phone down:

Exposure to light, especially from electronic devices, inhibits the release of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. Turn your phone on 'night shift' to reduce the negative impact of light before bedtime.

Prepare Your Workout Clothes the Night Before:

Simplify your morning routine by setting out your workout attire in advance. Eliminating small barriers can make it easier to get out of bed and start your workout.

Adjust Your Bedtime:

Start your bedtime routine slightly earlier, even by just 10-20 minutes, to ensure you get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. Athletes with intense training regimens may benefit from even more sleep, up to around 10 hours per night.

Optimise Bedroom Temperature:

Maintain an ideal sleeping temperature in your bedroom, which typically ranges from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. Experiment to find the temperature that suits you best.

Find a workout buddy!

Working out with a friend adds accountability and motivation. You're more likely to stick to your training plan when you've made plans with a workout buddy.

Establish a Consistent Wake-Up Time:

Consistency in your wake-up time and routine is more critical than a consistent bedtime for a healthy sleep pattern. Stick to your established wake-up time, even if you had to stay up later the night before.

Place Your Alarm Across the Room:

Position your alarm clock away from your bed, forcing you to get up to turn it off. The act of getting out of bed and moving around helps shake off sleepiness.

Turn on the Lights When You Get Up:

As soon as you get out of bed to turn off your alarm, switch on the lights. Exposure to light in the morning helps wake you up and increase alertness.

These tips can help you establish a morning routine that makes waking up early for your workout a more achievable and enjoyable experience throughout the year.

See you in the AM!

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