Courtney Gilfillan is an inspiring elite runner and triathlete who has dedicated her career to competitive sports. She values the importance of recovery and rest, not only for her own performance but also for the athletes she coaches through her wellness business.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My Name is Courtney Gilfillan, as an elite runner and triathlete for many years as my career focus since a teenager I was fortunate enough to learn the importance of recovery and rest which has helped my long jeopardy dream in competitive sport stay alive. Recovery and rest is something I also love to teach through my coaching and wellness business.

What motivates you to train and compete?

The pure love for it, training gives me daily happiness I love how I feel after a great session and I love not only the good days but the harder days as they teach you allot about Yourself and I draw strength and clarity from this.  Being able to experience the beautiful places training adventures and racing events can take you. 

How do you handle setbacks? 

Refocus, and focus on the now, take time to process the setback, let it go and focus forward... ask yourself what is it we can be doing right now to be the best possible healthy version of ourselves. 
Can you describe your training and preparation routine?

In the lead in into a key major race training starts to taper off and recovery becomes even more important as the focus is to go into key major races as fresh as possible. 

How do you prioritise recovery amd what are your favourite recovery techniques? 

I priorities recovery by ensuring that recovery is in my daily schedule -  therefore there is a greater chance of me being able to ensure I fit it in because I have placed in into my daily scheduled checklist. I like to do it at the start of the day, a stretching routine and the use of massage gun therapy for the muscles, then in the afternoon or after a midday ice bath and roll on the roller. 

What role does mental preparation play in your performance?

Mental preparation plays a big role in my performance. Life does not always go to plan and ensuring we have made time to not only recover the body but also the mind in a lead in to a big performance is crucial to execute our best and desired result.

Who are your role models?

My mum, Cathy Freeman and Emma Snowsill have always been my top roles models growing up. 

Where can we see you compete next?

2024 triathlon Australian professional season at the start of next year will be my next major racing block next.
If you want to follow Courtney Gilfillan's journey, you can do so on her social media and coaching platform, Courtney Gilfillan Athlete & Coach. This is where she shares her experiences, insights, and updates on her athletic and coaching endeavors. 

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